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how to make or donate blankets

Each year through our Hospital Response Team program we meet over 450 survivors in emergency rooms all across the valley.

These clients will get the support that they need from our advocates, police departments and nursing staff. We also ensure that each client leaves the hospital with clean, new clothes and a designated blanket. These blankets are an integral practical part of the forensic exam, as they provide tactile comfort in a difficult time but also provide a reminder to each survivor that they are not alone.

Help us reach our goal of providing every survivor with a blanket at every forensic exam!

If you or a your group are interested in donating blankets you can do so one of the following ways:

  • Donate small fleece (or similar material) blankets directly from Amazon, Target or other retail outlets and have them shipped to the Rape Recovery Center. Blankets should be no bigger than 60 in. x 90 in. and new. The following links are direct links for purchasing:
  • Donate new homemade blankets. This can be a great project for individuals, families or groups such as church groups, boys and girls scout and school service projects. You can follow the video below for instructions on how to make your own blankets without any sewing.

The Rape Recovery Center could not do what we do without your support. Thank you for your willingness to help all survivors of sexual assault!

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