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Luis Lopez

Primary prevention educator

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Luis has worked with the Rape Recovery Center as a Primary Prevention Educator since November of 2017. Luis enjoys going out to schools across the valley and talking to youth about violence prevention. Luis also works to develop violence prevention curricula for marginalized communities of Utah. Previously, they enjoyed volunteering with the Utah Pride Center, Inclusion Center for Community and Justice, and Salt Lake Peer Court.


In addition, Luis is an undergraduate student at Westminster College working towards a customized degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. Their academic interests includes youth empowerment, critical race theory, dialogue facilitation, restorative and transformative justice, nonviolent philosophies, peace psychology, peace education, art activism, queer studies, camp, spiritualities, hope, and love.


In their spare time, Luis enjoys dancing, watching movies and television, reading, knitting, chalk pastels, tea drinking and making, exploring, chihuahua taming, and gabbing!