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Celebrate Pride with Qummunity!

As we celebrate Pride month throughout the country we are reminded that we must all work create safer environments for LGBTQIA+ youth. Through a partnership with the B.W. Bastian Foundation the Rape Recovery Center is hosting a series of youth workshops through June and July. Our Qummunity Workshops offer youth ages 14-20 a space to build community and discuss topics like self-love, healthy relationships, and consent. The workshops will be held in various locations through Salt Lake County, through partnerships with Encircle, Volunteers of America and South Valley Services.

Partner Spotlight: Journey of Hope

Did you know that many studies have found that approximately 90% of women in prison are survivors of physical and/or sexual abuse? This startling statistic is what drives our partners at Journey of Hope in their mission “to improve the lives of harmed and justice-involved women and girls by empowering them through gender responsive case-management and mentorship; and with social advocacy to the systems that serve them.”

Male-identified survivors

Male-identified people who have been sexually assaulted or abused may have many similar feelings and reactions as other survivors of sexual assault, but they may also face additional challenges due to social stigma, stereotypes of men, and skewed definitions of masculinity.  According to research, at least 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused in childhood and 1 out of every 4 males will experience some form of sexual trauma in their lives (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, 2015). Cultural myths and stereotypes of men can create challenges and barriers to receiving treatment and support needed in healing. Here are some facts we want everyone to be aware of in supporting male-identified survivors:

Partner Spotlight: Let's Get Consensual

This month we are proud to honor the local bars that hosted Let’s Get Consensual, a bar crawl for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Alibi Bar & Place, Quarters Arcade Bar, and Tinwell. These establishments helped the Rape Recovery Center recognize SAAM through this fun, awareness raising event, and by donating a portion of the proceeds sold that night, they help fund the critical services we provide at the RRC.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kimberly Sagers

In 2018, volunteers provided 9,502 hours of service to the Rape Recovery Center. The incredible individuals who serve our agency bring a full spectrum of skills and expertise, from crisis intervention to administrative assistance. One of these fabulous volunteers is Kimberly Sagers. Kimberly started with our agency as an intern on our clinical team, and currently volunteers her time as a Hospital Response Team Advocate.

Reconnect to YOU Through Relationships

Community and connection are critical components for healing.  As humans, we need others as sources of support, companionship, and friendship.  We also recognize that when someone has experienced trauma: relationships, intimacy, and sense of community are impacted.  During the healing process, we are in the process of building a new life and re-educating on what feels comfortable, brave and empowering in relationships.

Partner Spotlight: Grandeur Peak Global Advisors

The Rape Recovery Center’s annual Hope and Healing Gala is coming up on May 17th. We would not be able to throw this amazing party, our biggest fundraiser of the year, without our sponsors. Grandeur Peak Global Advisors has been a major sponsor of our gala since 2016. Since this time they have given $58,000 to support the critical services of our center. Learn more about Grandeur Peak Global Advisors on there website.