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Understanding the Intersections Between Sexual Violence & Domestic Violence


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. At the Rape Recovery Center, we understand that too often sexual violence is one aspect of the abuse that occurs within a violent relationship. When rape and sexual assault happen within a relationship, it is often more difficult for the survivor to identify and talk about. This fact sheet from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence helps us understand the intersections between domestic and sexual violence. The report also provides action steps we can all take to prevent these types of intimate partner abuse, like “Work with local schools, religious youth groups, and other youth-oriented programs to teach about healthy sexuality and healthy relationships.” To learn more about the Rape Recovery Center’s school-based healthy relationship education programming, visit the education and outreach section of our website here.

It if often difficult to know if you are in an abusive relationship. Our partners at the National Domestic Violence Hotline have provided a useful tool to help us identify the difference between healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships, and abusive relationships. Check out the “Relationship Spectrum” below. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, you can call 800-897-LINK to speak with an advocate about the resources and support available to you.

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For more information about the resources and support available across the state of Utah, visit our partners at the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition website at