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Partner Spotlight: The Enriching Utah Coalition

The Rape Recovery Center is a proud member of the Enriching Utah Coalition (EUC), a statewide coalition made up of leaders and organizations interested in changing both the policies and perceptions that impact immigrants and refugees, and by extension our community at large.

We recognize that immigrant communities are at an increased risk for experiencing sexual violence, and that they are less likely to access critical services to assist with healing and safety. For more information on the intersection between sexual violence and immigration status, visit VAWnet.

For the past several years, the EUC has provided a place for concerned community members to come together and advocate for the rights of immigrants in Utah. Additionally, they provide direct support to immigrant families in extreme need for social support such as food, shelter, clothing, etc.

The EUC is made up of more than 80 community members and organizations from various sectors, all working together to create a diverse and culturally rich community and a uniform immigration system that respects human rights and human dignity consistent with Utah’s pioneer heritage.

If you are interested in joining the EUC, visit their website for more information about membership. If you’d like to support the work of EUC through a donation, you can attend the Keep Families Together fundraiser on 12/13/2018, or make a donation here.