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Healing Through Trauma Therapy

Copy of The Rape Recovery Center has been a major step for me on my journey to healing. It is here that I have found peace and a place where I can be open and honest about my abuse. The very individualistic ap (2).png

At the Rape Recovery Center, we are passionate about trauma-informed care. With an unprecedented amount of research and information available to us, we have modeled all of our healing services using the latest knowledge about healing from trauma. Key to our approach to trauma treatment is our therapeutic services. All of our professionally trained therapists are trained in specific methods for treating post-traumatic stress, like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Click here to learn more about EMDR. 

While there are many ways to practice trauma therapy, and no one treatment works for everyone, we do know one thing - healing from trauma is possible when we couple our expertise in how the brain is impacted by post-traumatic stress with our client's expertise of their own mind, body, and life experience. When asked about her work at the Rape Recovery Center, therapist Phoebe Galvez states "The most rewarding moments in therapy happen when my clients begin to believe in themselves and their capacity to sit with incredibly difficult things, and find moments in life that empower them to thrive, as opposed to just survive." 

To learn more about the basics of trauma therapy, check out this great video from two trauma therapists: 

To learn more about the therapy services offered at the Rape Recovery Center, visit the services section of our website here. Pictured below are the fabulous and talented members of our clinical team. 


And just to prove that therapists can have fun too, here is our clinical team - take two.