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SAAM 2019: Meet Artist Miriam Flores

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The Rape Recovery Center partnered with the Miriam Flores for our 2019 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign. This years national theme was “I ask” or “Yo Pregunto”. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center announced this theme stating,“ Sexual Assault Awareness Month is about more than awareness — the ultimate goal is prevention…The campaign will champion the power of asking — whether it be asking to hold someone’s hand, for permission to share personal information with others, or if a partner is interested in sex. I Ask is the statement by which individuals will demonstrate that asking for consent is a healthy, normal, and necessary part of everyday interactions. I Ask is the statement by which we will uplift the importance of consent and transform it from being prescriptive to empowering.” We are thrilled to feature Miriam’s interpretration of this theme with her original work this April!


Miriam is a first-generation Latina college student studying Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design at the University of Utah. She utilizes art as a way to document and display her experiences and the struggles that other students and families encounter. Her goal is to capture the beautiful moments of resistance and resilience in our communities.

When creating her piece she asked the Rape Recovery Center staff, community members and students what they envisioned when they thought of the theme of I ask/Yo Pregunto. With their feedback she created a design that embodied different identities and the voices of empowerment, respect and love.

To learn more about Miriam and her work, click here. To learn more about our SAAM 2019 events, visit our SAAM page here. Make sure to check back or sign up for our newsletter for SAAM 2019 updates!

Miriam’s - Yo Pregunto Design for the Rape Recovery Center

Miriam’s - Yo Pregunto Design for the Rape Recovery Center

Creating a design for this theme took a lot of thought and at times I found it difficult to express the theme through an image. After reading the responses of different community members I felt connected to the image and saw myself in each individual. It was an inspiring experience creating for this theme.