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Volunteer Spotlight: Carrie Larsen

In 2018, volunteers provided 9,502 hours of service to the Rape Recovery Center. The incredible individuals who serve our agency bring a full spectrum of skills and expertise, from crisis intervention to administrative assistance. One of these fabulous volunteers is Carrie Larsen. We asked Carrie to share more about her experience volunteering with the center. Read more about her below!


What motivated you to become a volunteer at the Rape Recovery Center?

Even though I’ve never experienced something I would consider rape, I do have many experiences that were terrifying and difficult to understand. I think most women can relate. I have the emotional space and time right now to give to others, so the RRC was an easy choice.

What have you enjoyed most about your time as a RRC volunteer?

The environment at the RRC is so positive and welcoming. Also my volunteer work is bringing donated flowers to the center, so it’s pretty easy to enjoy what I do.

What is most challenging about your volunteer work at the RRC?

Listening to phone calls come in is rough. I’m not even answering them, just hearing one side of the call. I don’t want to believe that rape happens often enough in Salt Lake for the RRC to be busy, but it does. Volunteering has just reaffirmed that sexual abuse and trauma are incredibly common and it’s something that must be addressed.

What is your message to others looking to get involved in this work, or considering volunteer work at the RRC?

Initially, I was hesitant to volunteer—sexual violence is terrifying in itself, but also I doubted that I could be any help. I’m just a normal person. What if a situation with a client comes up that I don’t know how to handle? What if the volunteer work is too sad or difficult? I’ve learned that it’s just important to show up. Sexual violence is a complex issue, but a survivor’s need for support isn’t. Support can be as simple as showing up and being present.

If you are interested in joining the Rape Recovery Center's volunteer team, visit our volunteer page here to learn more.