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Volunteer Spotlight: Finch Drummond

Each month, the Rape Recovery Center spotlights one of our incredible volunteers to highlight their outstanding service to the center. This week, we are spotlighting Finch Drummond. Finch took the 40 Hour Training in September of 2018, and has quickly brought creative and innovative ways to spread awareness to our community.

Finch decided to take the RRC’s 40 hour training after a partner and volunteer recommended it. Finch had already been doing a lot of work in the kink and sex positive community in Utah. Growing up, he realized that he had some misconceptions about healthy relationships, and furthermore, that those misconceptions were very common in his community. Finch wanted to explore more of the nuanced factors that contribute to rape culture,and have better conversations about sex and sexuality. Finch adopts a non-shame based approach to talking about sex and sexuality in his work in the community, as well as for the RRC.


Identifying it as a personal strength, Finch calls himself a carnival barker, claiming, “I don’t really have shame or inhibition of getting people’s attention for a worthy cause”. However, educating on the topic of sexual assault and sexuality isn’t always easy. As Finch has noticed throughout his training and work for the center, and in the community at large, a lot of content about healthy relationships, he says, is not exactly intuitive. Having to break down a “romanticized” or “Disneyafied” conception of relationships can be challenging. Finch has a passion for exploring the grey areas when it comes to consent and healthy relationships, and doing so in fun and creative ways.

In his free time, Finch loves to cook meals like pizza made entirely from scratch. He dabbles in fermenting foods like saurkraut, pickles, and even making ginger mead. Finch is a lover of really good movies, but also enjoys really unintentionally bad movies. He will often be watching cheesy sci-fi monster movies. Finch also enjoys history, and at one point wanted to be a high school teacher.

If you are interested in joining the Rape Recovery Center's volunteer team, visit our volunteer page here to learn more.