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Volunteer Spotlight: Robbin Daffin

The Rape Recovery Center (RRC) could not do the work we do without our incredible volunteers. In 2017 the 117 individuals on our volunteer force provided 11,938 hours of service, a value of $143,246! One of the fabulous individuals on our volunteer team is Robbin Daffin. Robbin has used her time and talents in many ways to support the efforts of the center, from creating beautiful floral arrangements for our annual gala to providing information about our services at community events. Read more about Robbin and her experience at the center below!


What motivated you to become a volunteer at the Rape Recovery Center?

I have finally come to a place in life where my the abuse that happened to me doesn’t define me or scare me, if that makes sense. I've always wanted to share my strength and story with others and help people that have similar experiences. With the Me too Movement and how triggering our political climate has been for survivors this felt like the perfect time to volunteer. And I just moved back to Utah last year so there's that too.

What have you enjoyed most about your time as a RRC volunteer?

I adore the staff, the community and educating people when I am tabling an event. And I really want to do the HRT team training. 

What is most challenging about your volunteer work at the RRC?

Staying positive and not letting some of the stories that have been shared get to you. The things people talk to you about, even at a tabling event, can be really hard and a bit triggering. Self care is really, really important and needed. 

Tell us a little more about how you spend your time outside of volunteering for the RRC - hobbies, passions, work, school? 

I am a freelance florist for my business Hope & Evolution - I had the privilege of doing the flowers for RRC gala! I love sharing the beauty of this world with others. And I just took a job with Ronald McDonald House here in Salt Lake City as a Guest Services Manager. I love it! It's also an amazing organization that gives back to the community, families and children. And, like RRC as rewarding as it is, it's also really hard at times. Self care is key.

I'm married to an amazing woman, and have 4 kids (2 from my 1st marriage and 2 grown from my wife, Mary) We have 2 doggies, Olive Larue and Lenny Bean, and a cat named Max. I love gardening, rearranging my house and bikram yoga (I am not the most flexible person, but I do love a challenge!)

You have immersed yourself in the very difficult work of addressing sexual violence. What gives you hope as you approach this work? What is your message to others looking to get involved in this work, or considering volunteer work at the RRC?

What gives me hope is that I came out of a very tough childhood and have been sexually assaulted twice as a young adult and I AM HERE AND VIBRANT AND STRONG AND I HAVE A REALLY KICK ASS AMAZING LIFE. I know I am not special in this, being a survivor and coming out strong. We just all need that group, or sounding board or person that says "You are worthy! This isn't who you are! Most people aren't assholes! You can be OK and feel whole again!" 

I think that's a pretty damn good reason to volunteer for RRC. And its also perfectly fine to want to help others and find out you aren't quite there yet. I tried volunteering for something like this when I was 24, I wanted to study social work. But, it wasn't time, I was not ready. I'm turning 49 this month, it took me another 24 years to find that voice and be confident in it. Everyone has there own healing process and timeline and THAT'S OK. But when you're ready, RRC is absolutely an amazing place to share your voice and help others. 

On behalf of all of us at the Rape Recovery Center we thank Robbin for dedicating her time and talents to the center, and for her commitment to survivors! 

If you are interested in joining the Rape Recovery Center's volunteer team, visit our volunteer page here to learn more.