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Partner Spotlight: Restoring Ancestral Winds

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

This Indigenous Peoples Day the Rape Recovery Center would like to spotlight Restoring Ancestral Winds a local organization addressing violence in native communities.  According to the National Congress of American Indians:

  • American Indians and Alaskan Natives are at least two times more likely compared with all other races to experience rape or sexual assault.

  • Three out of five American Indian and Alaskan Native women have been sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

  • One in three Native American women have reported being raped in their lifetimes.

Restoring Ancestral Winds (RAW) has been working to address these staggering statistics since 2014. RAW supports native communities by addressing violence in the Great Basin region of Utah. Their work centers violence prevention, education about healthy relationships, stalking, domestic, sexual, dating and family violence. In addition to their work in educating the community, they serve as advocates for those in their community and committed to honoring and upholding traditional values in their work.In light of these numbers it is important that the #metoo movement work to address these staggering statistics and the violent legacy of colonization. Including, taking part in the national the Missing and Murdered Indigenous campaign has brought this issue to the forefront and seeks to spotlight the invisibility that indigenous victims of violence often face.

Our Outreach Coordinator Megan Asadian had the chance to participate in RAW’s annual conference, Indigenous Womxn Matter, a conference geared towards educating the community about murdered and missing indigenous women. When asked about her experience she said, “ I think what was most impactful for me was to share a space with individuals who had such a strong sense of hope and love for their community. RAW brings the important conversation of missing and murdered indigenous women to the community, while honoring those lives that have been lost or impacted by violence. Holding a space that addressed the emotional hardship associated with violence was an incredibly humbling experience.”

We at the Rape Recovery Center are excited to continue our partnership and solidarity with RAW as they move forward in their work in violence prevention, advocacy, and awareness.

The resilience from pain, the determination to ensure relationships are healed. This is a sacred work, I really believe that, it is healing when you meet people who come out on the other side and whose dedication remains on lifting others. This is the resiliency of human spirit.
— Moroni Benally, Coordinator of Advocacy and Public Policy for Restoring Ancestral Winds