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Interview with @mollythestripper!


We sat down with @mollythestripper to learn a little more about her and the event she hosted at Trails to raise money for the Rape Recovery Center. In just one night, she raised over $8,000 to support the RRC and survivors in our community, and we are excited to hear what inspired this incredible event.


Hi Molly! Thanks for taking the time to talk. To start, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm a single mom to a beautiful 8 year old daughter and I'm an exotic dancer currently, but I'd love to eventually be a writer/director/producer for TV and film, focusing on musical and comedy genres. I take classes online and out of state studying writing screenplays ect and have several projects in the works right now.


Would you talk about the event you hosted at Trails? Why did you choose to work with the Rape Recovery Center for this event?

I had been to previous events to support the RRC at Yellow Rose Tattoo and an event hosted by Nice & Easy and it was such a great time and it felt so good to support something local that was so incredibly important. I started to wonder if I could do something similar and if I did if it might inspire others to do the same. It was scary because I work in a sexually oriented business and I was worried what the response would be. But even from the beginning I had a ton of support and it turned out phenomenal. It was such a special experience with the other dancers who also donated their tips for the entire night. As we sorted the money we all cried and felt how amazing it is to feel like we had made a difference for those who have been affected by sexual abuse which included some of us personally and friends and family close to us.


What message do you hope to share by hosting events like these?

I hope to share that it's not taboo to talk about sexual abuse and rape and that there is somewhere you can go for help.


What do you think is the next step to address sexual violence as a community?

Like many, I believe that educating young men and women early on about having healthy sexual relationships is important.


What’s next for you? Any plans for charitable projects in the future?

Yes! I plan to have another event at Trails in the near future. And I also have a picture book coming out in September called, Narcissism for Beginners: The Selfish Book for Charity, and 50% of proceeds will go towards the RRC.