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Partner Spotlight: Journey of Hope

Did you know that many studies have found that approximately 90% of women in prison are survivors of physical and/or sexual abuse? This startling statistic is what drives our partners at Journey of Hope in their mission “to improve the lives of harmed and justice-involved women and girls by empowering them through gender responsive case-management and mentorship; and with social advocacy to the systems that serve them.”

Pictured: Journey of Hope Staff

Pictured: Journey of Hope Staff

Founded by former Law Enforcement Officer and self-identified “survivor of childhood and adult sexual assault” Shannon Miller Cox in 2014, Journey of Hope served more than 1,300 harmed women and girls in 2018. The program has a recidivism out of their prison mentor program of 17% — comparatively, the State’s rate is 67%.

Often, pathways to criminal behavior start with trauma, but can end when women’s needs are holistically met.
— Journey of Hope website

To learn more about Journey of Hope and to support their important work, visit their website at