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Volunteer Spotlight: Montana Throne

Quote from Montana Throne, administrative volunteer.

Quote from Montana Throne, administrative volunteer.

The Rape Recovery Center volunteer team consists of nearly 150 incredible individuals who give their time, talents, and passion to furthering our mission of serving survivors and educating the community about sexual violence. This month, we are so pleased to spotlight our wonderful Admin volunteer, Montana Throne!

Since her arrival as a volunteer at the Rape Recovery Center, Montana has been an important part of our small team of administrative volunteers. Helping us out with her IT experience, her wit, and overall willingness to help out in various tasks, it’s our delight to share a bit more about Montana!

What motivated you to become a volunteer at the Rape Recovery Center?

I sought healing through helping others at a time when I felt justice was not being served. I am afraid that is all too often the case with survivors of assault. By volunteering, I want to enable others to have the voice I was denied.

What have you enjoyed most about your time as an RRC volunteer?

I like knowing that I can support people who give selflessly of their time and energy to survivors of a deeply personal and traumatic experience. They have an important role, and it’s reassuring to me that we have the opportunity to support them so they can continue to give to others.

What is most challenging about your volunteer work at the RRC?

The greatest challenge so far has been to stake out time on top of an already-busy life to do this work, but I have made a point to do it because I recognize its important not only to those I am serving, but also to myself.

Tell us a little more about how you spend your time outside of volunteering for the RRC - hobbies, passions, work, school?  

I am also an IT professional outside of the RRC, and when I’m not at work or school I enjoy films, spending time with friends, or just relaxing at home with my partner and our two cats.

You have immersed yourself in the very difficult work of addressing sexual violence. What gives you hope as you approach this work?   

It gives me hope that the general attitude towards these types of assault is changing, and that it is inspiring reform to the way we respond to them at all levels.

What is your message to others looking to get involved in this work, or considering volunteer work at the RRC?

It is incredibly fulfilling to volunteer. There are many ways to be involved, and you don’t need to commit your whole life in order to give. Even a couple hours of your time can make a difference to someone who needs it.