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Entrenamiento de Asesoria/Advocacy Training in Spanish Launched this Week


The Rape Recovery Center celebrates a big milestone this week with the launch of our first ever Entrenamiento de Asesoria. This 40 hour advocacy training will certify new sexual assault counselors in the Spanish speaking community. A group of 20 advocates began their training this past Tuesday evening, and will meet for 2 weeks to complete the 40 hours of instruction required by the state of Utah to be certified as a sexual assault survivor advocate.

This training was made possible through a partnership between the Rape Recovery Center, the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and University Neighborhood Partners. Many experts from the Spanish speaking community have contributed to this unique curriculum to ensure that it is not only translated into the Spanish language, but also culturally relevant. After over a year of planning, we are thrilled to launch this program and to increase our support to Spanish speaking survivors. We are so grateful for the 20 individuals who are volunteering their time to become certified and join our team!

Es la primera vez que este curso de entrenamiento es disponible en español en el Condado de Salt Lake. Esta capacitación es esencial para apoyar a las víctimas de la violencia sexual. También es un paso crítico para apoderar a nuestra comunidad para que tenga la mejor información disponible sobre cómo combatir la violencia sexual y detener el abuso sexual. (This is the first time this training is available in Spanish in Salt Lake County. This training is essential to support victims of sexual violence. It is also a critical step in empowering our community with the best information available on how to combat sexual violence and stop sexual abuse.)
— Katherine Aguilera, Director de Recursos y Servicios de Crisis para Sobrevivientes de Delitos Sexuales/ Director of Advocacy Services