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Partner Spotlight: West Jordan Domestic Violence Coalition

Partner Spotlight: West Jordan Domestic Violence Coalition

The West Jordan Domestic Violence Coalition aims to serve the areas of West Jordan, Taylorsville, Sandy, and Midvale. The goal of the coalition is to educate the community on the services available to them and to counter the root causes of family and sexual violence. The coalition consists of nonprofits, government, and residents to facilitate these goals. Every month the coalition members learn from each other and collaborate to help keep the city free of violence!

Volunteer Spotlight: Robbin Daffin

The Rape Recovery Center (RRC) could not do the work we do without our incredible volunteers. In 2017 the 117 individuals on our volunteer force provided 11,938 hours of service, a value of $143,246! One of the fabulous individuals on our volunteer team is Robbin Daffin. Robbin has used her time and talents in many ways to support the efforts of the center, from creating beautiful floral arrangements for our annual gala to providing information about our services at community events. Read more about Robbin and her experience at the center below!

Back To School With the RRC

Each year, millions of youth, from kindergarten to college, will go back to school. According to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), almost half of middle and high school students reported being sexually harassed at least once within a school  year. It’s important that all students are able to have a safe and healthy school environment. Whether you're a freshman in college or a parent of a kindergartener, we know that sexual violence is a difficult topic to address. Which is why we want to make sure that you have the resources that you need!

RRC is now a Google Fiber Community Connection

The Rape Recovery Center is excited to announce that we are Salt Lake City’s third Google Fiber Community Connection, bringing super fast Internet to our clients, volunteers and staff! In addition to receiving Google Fiber’s fastest Internet service, the RRC is now equipped with devices and an improved network for clients to privately research resources and information, like accessing the Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System offered online by the Utah Department of Public Safety. We also developed child care resources for clients, thanks to Google Fiber’s additional support of resources that enabled our center to have a Smart TV and Chromebooks that allow our volunteers to offer digital literacy, educational games and entertainment while their parents seek our services.

Volunteer Spotlight: Troy Koltermann

The Rape Recovery Center (RRC) could not do the work we do without our incredible volunteers. In 2017 the 117 individuals on our volunteer force provided 11,938 hours of service, a value of $143,246! One of the fabulous individuals on our volunteer team is Troy Koltermann, who is a volunteer on our Outreach & Access Team. Troy can be found representing the Rape Recovery Center at events across Salt Lake County, spreading the word about the work we do. Troy is also a professional photographer, and has donated his services to the RRC for special events. Read more about Troy and his experience at the center below!

Mid-Year Impact Report

2018 has been a transformative year so far for the Rape Recovery Center, and for survivors of sexual violence. With a record number of survivors coming forward to share their stories, our center has provided more services than ever before. In the first six months of 2018, the Rape Recovery Center offered 12,098 services to 1,392 survivors, and reached 6,884 community members through our outreach and prevention services. We have seen a 122% increase in survivors served since 2017, and a 57% increase in services provided. 

Practicing Self-Compassion

Here at the Rape Recovery Center, we talk a lot about self-compassion. Not only is self-compassion one of the pillars of healing trauma, it is also a great tool to address burnout for our staff and volunteers. Self-compassion is critical to your health and well being, yet it is often discouraged in our culture. Too often we try to motivate ourselves and others to change through shame and blame, yet research tells us that people are more likely to practice positive self-care when they are compassionate towards ourselves.

Partner Spotlight: Weekends of Recovery with Men Healing

One in six men will experience sexual violence in their lifetime, and most of them will never access healing services to assist in their recovery from this trauma. Over 30 years ago a group came together to promote healing and recovery for male survivors of sexual violence. What started as a one day conference eventually evolved into what is now called a  "Weekend of Recovery," an opportunity for male identified survivors to come together in their healing journey, guided by a group of licensed therapists over a three day weekend retreat.  Today, these weekend retreats are offered through the organization Men Healing

Building Safe & Healthy Qummunites

This month, through a partnership with the Utah Pride Center, the Rape Recovery Center will launch a new program for LGBTQ youth. On June 22, 2018 the we will host our first "Qummunity Workshop," offering youth aged 10-20 a space to build community and discuss topics like self-love, healthy relationships, and consent. Youth will meet in separate age defined groups at the recently relocated Utah Pride Center from 5:00-7:30 pm.

Celebrating Comunidades Unidas: 2018 Partner of the Year

The Rape Recovery Center is thrilled to announce our 2018 Partner of the Year, Comunidades Unidas (CU), who will be honored at this years Hope and Healing Gala on June 8th. The mission of Comunidades Unidas/Communities United is to empower Latinos to recognize and achieve their own potential and be a positive force for change in the larger community. CU’s programs focus on preventative health, community organizing, family well-being, and immigration rights/services. The critical work that CU does touches the lives of thousands of individuals annually. 

Pillar of Hope Awardee: Centro de la Familia de Utah

Each year the Rape Recovery Center honors an organization or individual in our community with the "Pillar of Hope" award for their work in moving forward our mission to end sexual violence in Utah. This year, we have selected Centro de la Familia de Utah (CDLFU) for their incredible commitment to sexual violence prevention in the Latinx community. For the past two years, the Rape Recovery Center has worked in partnership with CDLFU to develop and implement a sexual violence prevention curriculum for Latinx families. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Melissa Tingey

The Rape Recovery Center (RRC) could not do the work we do without our incredible volunteers. In 2017 the 117 individuals on our volunteer force provided 11,938 hours of service, a value of $143,246! One of the fabulous individuals on our volunteer team is Melissa Tingey, who has been an advocate on our 24 hour crisis line for the past 3 years. We reached out to Melissa to find out more about her, and her experience volunteering at the center.