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Celebrate Pride with Qummunity!

RRC staff celebrating pride earlier this month.

RRC staff celebrating pride earlier this month.

As we celebrate Pride month throughout the country we are reminded that we must all work to create safer environments for LGBTQIA+ youth. Through a partnership with the B.W. Bastian Foundation the Rape Recovery Center is hosting a series of youth workshops through June and July. Our Qummunity Workshops offer youth ages 14-20 a space to build community and discuss topics like self-love, healthy relationships, and consent. The workshops will be held in various locations through Salt Lake County, through partnerships with Encircle, Volunteers of America and South Valley Services.

This is a continuation of similar workshops offered last year at the Utah Pride Center, using a uniquely designed curriculum created specifically for LGBTQIA+ youth through a collaboration that started three years ago with the Utah Pride Center, University of Utah LGBT Resource Center and the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

According to the Center for Disease Control’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, those in the LGBTQ community are more likely to experience sexual violence and less likely to receive support. At the Rape Recovery Center we recognize that experiences of oppression and marginalization contribute to whom is targeted for violence, and work to empower communities that are most vulnerable to violence through culturally relevant programming. 

I want LGBTQIA+ youth to know that you are valid, your feelings are valid, and your experiences are valid. You deserve to be supported and heard. You are a powerful partner in preventing violence.
— Andi Tremonte, Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

To learn more about this program or to request accommodations, please contact Jorge Barraza at or (801) 467-7282.

Scheduled Workshops