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SAAM 2019: Continuing To Uplift Consent

As we pass the half-way point of Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2019, we are inspired by our community and the survivors who we have connected with us over these past three weeks. 

Our SAAM 2019 experience kicked off with the Utah Sexual Violence Conference. Many of our staff shared their knowledge, learned from experts in the field and were able to network with passionate people statewide. We officially kicked off the month with Virtual Day of Action, where we shared our support and created digital awareness by wearing the official SAAM color, teal. Then, we had a lot of fun with Quarters Arcade Bar, Alibi, and Tinwell for Let’s Get Consensual: A Bar Hop to benefit the RRC. The bars donated a portion of their sales to support our services bring awareness to their establishments. Last, we finished up with the Ask An Advocate Panel, where our team of community and system experts shared their expertise and reminded us how much more work is needed! If you missed it you can watch it in full here.

As the month comes to an end we are reminded that although SAAM is an amazing month, we must continue this work all year long! Here are some things everyone can do all year long:

  • Get Involved. All of us can make a difference. You can sign up for our next 40 Hour Training in English or Spanish, attend an Open House, apply to be on our board or give when you can.

  • Center and amplify the voices of those who are still not being centered in the movement to end sexual violence. You can support local organizations doing this work such as Restoring Ancestral Winds, Journey of Hope and Pacific Islander Action 2 Knowledge.

  • Uplift consent. Consent is about more than just asking — it is about listening to and accepting the answer without pressuring someone to change their mind. We can all explore how we respect others boundaries, practice healthier relationships, practice consent online and in all aspects of our lives.

  • Start by Believing. This may be simple, but what we know that the fear of not being believed is still a major deterrent for reporting and a survivor’s healing process. You can learn more about how to support a loved one in our Secondary Survivor Group every Monday.

  • Attend one of the many events still happening this month and throughout the year! You can join us next Saturday for Songs For Survivors a benefit concert for the Rape Recovery Center. You can also buy tickets to our 7th Annual Hope and Healing Gala on May 17, 2019.

If you have any suggestions for next years SAAM or would like to collaborate with us for future events contact us at (801) 467-7282!