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Tools for Healing: Reconnect to self through creative expression

There’s a lot to be said about making art. There are classes and rule books and critics that will tell you where you rank and how to be better. How to relate to an audience. How to be marketable. What we never talk about is the desire to create something. What drives us to imagine something new and then offer it up to the world?

Navigating the Impact of the Supreme Court Hearings

Most of us cannot turn on our choice of media without hearing about the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Since the 2016 election cycle countless survivors have bravely shared their stories of harm caused by powerful individuals, most of them men, through acts of sexual violence. These stories are so important, and the national conversation they have generated is critical. These conversations have an impact on all of us, and for survivors they are a constant reminder of some of our most painful experiences.