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Volunteer Spotlight: Vikki Kilminster-Bird

In 2018, volunteers provided 9,502 hours of service to the Rape Recovery Center. The incredible individuals who serve our agency bring a full spectrum of skills and expertise, from crisis intervention to administrative assistance. One of these fabulous volunteers is Vikki Kilminster-Bird. We asked Vikki to share more about her experience volunteering with the center. Read more about her below!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2019

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2019

Every April the Rape Recovery Center participates in Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), a nationwide effort to raise our collective consciousness around issues of sexual violence. This year, we are excited to offer a wide range of events to uplift consent and empower our communities. With offerings ranging from our Youth Art and Activism Contest, our Annual Let’s Get Consensual Bar Hop, and our Embodied through Movement workshop, we hope you will find something on our SAAM calendar that inspired you!

Movement and Healing

At the Rape Recovery Center, we understand that self-care, coping and wisdom extend beyond the survivors we serve, but must also include the advocates who accompany survivors through their healing journey. As a way of fostering a space for staff to explore their own self-care and assessment of burnout, we sought out some support from Dr. Shannon Simonelli, who is an Integrative Creative Arts Therapist. She led a group process for a staff retreat creating a connection through imagery and movement.

Video Commemorating 45 Years of Hope & Healing at the RRC

2019 marks a big milestone for the Rape Recovery Center - our 45th anniversary! Our staff, board, and stakeholders share the impact of these 45 years of Hope & Healing in a video produced by Syna Harris, who generously donated her services. We wish to extend big thanks to Syna, and everyone who participated in this video to commemorate our anniversary! Check out the video below.

Partner Spotlight: Coming Together to Uplift Consent

This SAAM we have 12 partner organizations; small and large, with diverse missions. Whether we are working with one of the three bars that are part of our Let’s Get Consensual Bar Hop or Full Circle Yoga who is hosting our Embodied Art and Movement Event. They all have one thing in common that they are standing with us to empower our communities. We are humbled to see that in a time where we are seeing an unprecedented increase in reporting and a 42% increase in our education requests, that survivors are not alone!

Volunteer Spotlight: Carrie Larsen

In 2018, volunteers provided 9,502 hours of service to the Rape Recovery Center. The incredible individuals who serve our agency bring a full spectrum of expertise, from crisis support to our clients to administrative support to assist our office staff. One of these fabulous volunteers is Carrie Larsen. We asked Carrie to share more about her experience volunteering with the center. Read more about her below!

2019 Utah Legislative Session: Bills to Watch

On January 28, 2019 the 63rd General Session of the Utah State Legislature began. For the next 45 days, until March 14, 2019, our state elected officials will convene at our state capitol to make important policy decisions that impact the lives of all Utahans. Below you will find a list of bills that the Utah Sexual Violence Council is tracking during the 2019 legislative session. These are bills that directly impact the mission of the Rape Recovery Center, and the survivors we serve.

SAAM 2019: Meet Artist Miriam Flores

SAAM 2019: Meet Artist  Miriam Flores

The Rape Recovery Center partnered with the Miriam Flores for our 2019 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign. This years national theme was “I ask” or “Yo Pregunto”. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center announced this theme stating,“ Sexual Assault Awareness Month is about more than awareness — the ultimate goal is prevention.

Prevention Curriculum for Latinx Youth & Families

The Rape Recovery Center is excited to announce the publication of our “Nuestras Familias, Nuestra Salud/ Our Families, Our Health” sexual violence prevention curriculum. This project was a labor of love, co-created by our incredible team of educators through funding from the Utah Department of Health. Throughout 2017 and 2018 the Rape Recovery Center partnered with Centro De La Familia De Utah and Talk to a Survivor to pilot a 10 week program at the Glendale Community Learning Center, using the Nuestras Familias, Nuestra Salud curriculum to guide the programming. Read more about that program here.

Volunteer Spotlight: Corinne Galland

The Rape Recovery Center (RRC) could not do the work we do without our incredible volunteers. In 2017 the 117 individuals on our volunteer force provided 11,938 hours of service, a value of $143,246! One of the fabulous individuals on our volunteer team is Corinne Galland. Corinne has been a long time volunteer on our crisis line, and is always willing to step in to cover a shift when needed. Learn more about Corinne and her work at the center below!

Self-Care Strategies for Holidays

As the holidays quickly approach, many of us are navigating the complicated dynamics that accompany this time of year.  A common topic of conversation is family, relationships, and how they can impact our self-care, boundaries, and sense of connection. For those of us who have experienced sexual trauma, the effects on our family and relationships can be a significant source of pain and confusion.