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Our History

In 1974, a small group of volunteers and community leaders in Salt Lake City initiated a local community rape awareness program. They put together the first team of local volunteers for the purpose of going to hospital emergency rooms to support survivors of rape and sexual assault. In January 1975, the Salt Lake Rape Crisis Center was incorporated as a private non-profit organization and by 1978; the Center had the 24-hour crisis line in place.


In 1980, the Rape Crisis Center, the Salt Lake District Attorney’s Office, local police departments, local hospitals and the Utah State Medical Examiner’s Office jointly established a protocol for victims reporting rape and sexual assault. This procedure, called the Code R, was designed to provide immediate service to victims of sexual violence through a standardized rape evidence collection process, medical case and crisis intervention.


In 1995, the Salt Lake Rape Crisis Center was renamed Rape Recovery Center (RRC) to symbolize the hope of recovery. In addition, the Rape Recovery Center administered the statewide coalition, CAUSE at the Center. In 1996 CAUSE became a separate nonprofit entity, later to be renamed the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault.


Since becoming the Rape Recovery Center, many structural changes have taken place in service of creating greater access to comprehensive recovery for all survivors of sexual trauma. Today, the Rape Recovery Center continues to provide a vital role during the Code R process in Salt Lake County through our Hospital Response Team, assisting nearly 500 survivors annually. The 24 hour crisis line also continues to be a resource to approximately 1,500 callers per year. Our in office services include personal advocacy, short and long term counseling, and an array of therapy and support groups, serving over 1,000 clients on an annual basis. Our outreach and education programs reach roughly 2,500-5,000 community members each year by enriching partnerships and offering primary prevention training.