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Sexual violence is a serious problem that permeates all aspects of our society. The Rape Recovery Center Primary Prevention program has one simple goal- to stop it from happening in the first place. While no prevention strategy is 100% effective, our program utilizes diverse strategies to end sexual and dating violence in Salt Lake County.

We offer several educational modules for youth ages 12-25, parents and caregivers and community members. Some of our curricula include:

  • Junior High – “Boundaries, Limits & Communication” – A fun and innovative session that will get students talking about what is appropriate and inappropriate in a relationship with another person, how to validate, understand and express feelings in a healthy way.

  • High School – “Sexual Violence Prevention” -  aimed at preventing dating violence among youth by reducing sexist attitudes and improving conflict resolution skills. The program is based on an extensive review of research in dating . A primary goal of the program is to develop non-violent conflict-resolution skills (via cognitive-behavioral techniques) to address real-life problematic dating situations.

  • Community Groups – “Rape 101, Myths & Stereotypes” – Rape 101 is a general overview of current prevalence rates, type of assault and “at risk” population. It is an interactive discussion that raises questions about general beliefs and how they contribute to sexual violence.

  • Parent or Caregivers – “ Healthy Families, Healthy Communities” - A comprehensive, skills based curriculum that helps families improve communication around boundaries, healthy relationships, consent and expectations in real life situations that arise when working with youth of all ages as well as provide connection to resources.

  • Refugee Specific – “ Freedom From Violence: Rights, Resources and Responsibilities”-  An empowerment based curriculum that utilizes leaders and empowers communities to come up with skill based solutions to ending sexual and relationship violence in their families and connect each other to resources.


We are excited about the opportunity to work in the community. The list above does not include all of our curriculums.  We can tailor a presentation to meet the needs of your individual group or topic. All our presentations can be offered by one of our trained educators in English or Spanish and in many other languages through translators.

If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact Stephany Murguia, our Director of Education and Outreach, at 467-7282, ext 222, via email, or submit a request here.

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