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Hearing About Sexual Violence in the Media? We Can Help.

It seems that we can't turn on any form of media without being confronted with a full spectrum of stories about sexual violence. Sexual violence can range from sexual harassment in the workplace to sexual assault, and rape. Regardless of the type of violence, it is important to remember that any unwanted sexual encounter is traumatic and there is no right or wrong way to feel about your experience. 

If hearing these stories has helped you recognize an experience as sexual violence, the Rape Recovery Center is here to help. You can call our 24-hour crisis line at (801)467-7273 to speak with a trained volunteer advocate. 

Our 24-hour crisis line is equipped to provide emotional support, resources, and referrals. Our crisis line advocate will often refer you to in-house advocacy services, which you can connect to directly by calling (801)467-7282, Monday-Thursday 9 am - 5 pm. Our staff can help you navigate the many ways that sexual violence has impacted your life.

Services might include:

  • Safety planning
  • Coping skill development 
  • Education about trauma and post-traumatic stress
  • Education about common myths and facts
  • Navigating reporting to various institutions, including your workplace, school, and law enforcement 
  • Planning long-term treatment, including individual and group therapy (provided both on-site at the Rape Recovery Center, and in the community)

If you were recently sexually assaulted, please visit this page to find more information about our mobile crisis team and the process of rape kit collection. 

To see our Executive Director, Mara Haight, talking about how the Rape Recovery Center supports survivors of sexual violence, view this news story from ABC 4. 

To learn more about resources throughout the state of Utah, visit the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault's resources page. 

Painting created by survivors, on display at the Rape Recovery Center.  

Painting created by survivors, on display at the Rape Recovery Center.