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how to support a survivor

Supporting a friend or family member experiencing the effects of sexual violence can be rewarding and at times feel overwhelming.  The Rape Recovery Center offers support to family, friends and partners of survivors of sexual violence--we call these support people “secondary survivors,” as they too are navigating the devastating effects of a loved one being harmed.   It is important to remember that supporting a loved one who's been sexually assaulted can be a difficult experience. Secondary survivors often report feelings of helplessness,  a desire to protect or control the survivor and feelings of fear and anxiety.  We offer a variety of services for secondary survivors that focus on the well being, and their options for supporting a survivor.  To access secondary survivor services, please contact our office at 801.467.7282 and schedule an initial appointment or our 24-hour crisis line at 801.467.7273 for support.

A Guide for Family & Friends is available here (or in Spanish here), or you can pick up a copy at the Rape Recovery Center.