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SAAM 2018: Meet the Nopalera Artist Collective


The Rape Recovery Center partnered with the Nopalera Artist Collective for our 2018 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign. This incredible group of artists are all about the intersections of art and activism, and we are thrilled to feature their original work this April. 

Nopal Plant.jpg

The Nopalera Artist Collective/Colectiva La Nopalera formed in April of 2017, and identify as a group of migrant and indigenous artists. They chose the nopalera as their symbol because "They're thorny, tough enough to survive harsh conditions, and strong, but also gentle. They plant easily, can adapt to different lands, but most importantly, they work together with each other to grow with intention, their fruits and flowers are for the future generations' growth, and to contribute to our environment, and to our community." 

To learn more about this collective of artists and activists, click here. To learn more about our SAAM 2018 events, visit our SAAM page here. Be sure to stop by one of our SAAM 2018 events to pick up some of our swag, featuring the beautiful art created by the Nopalera Artist Collective. You may also download a poster featuring their art here

Members of the Nopalera Artist Collective.

Members of the Nopalera Artist Collective.