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2019 Utah Legislative Session: Bills to Watch

Board and Staff of the Rape Recovery Center pictured with Representatives Angela Romero and Karen Kwan at the Utah State Capitol during our 2019 legislative breakfast.

Board and Staff of the Rape Recovery Center pictured with Representatives Angela Romero and Karen Kwan at the Utah State Capitol during our 2019 legislative breakfast.

On January 28, 2019 the 63rd General Session of the Utah State Legislature began. For the next 45 days, until March 14, 2019, our state elected officials will convene at our state capitol to make important policy decisions that impact the lives of all Utahans. Below you will find a list of bills that the Utah Sexual Violence Council is tracking during the 2019 legislative session. These are bills that directly impact the mission of the Rape Recovery Center, and the survivors we serve.

Bills we support:

This bill clarifies and amends certain language regarding human trafficking and creates an offense for trafficking a vulnerable adult.

Status: Passed*

This bill expands confidentiality privileges for for community based advocates working with survivors of violence and abuse. 

Status: Passed

This bill clarifies when an individual convicted of the offense of unlawful sexual activity with a minor is required to register as a sex offender.

Status: Passed

This bill closes a gap within the current protective order structure to ensure survivors of stranger & acquaintance sexual violence can obtain legal orders of protection.  

Status: Passed

This bill clarifies that children who are engaged in commercial sex should be treated as victims.

Status: Passed

This bill increases the penalty for sexual exploitation of a minor under certain circumstances.

Status: Not Passed, Held up in Senate

This bill waives governmental immunity for an injury claim resulting from a sexual battery or sexual abuse of a child against a student by a school employee unless the school was subject to a specified policy and had taken reasonable steps to implement and enforce the policy; waives governmental immunity for an injury claim resulting from a sexual battery of a student by an employee of an institution of higher education, under certain circumstances; and authorizes a court to award a prevailing plaintiff the plaintiff's reasonable attorney fees and costs in an action to recover for a claim for which immunity is waived under this bill.

Status: Passed

This concurrent resolution designates May 5 as "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and LGBT+ Awareness Day."

Status: Passed

This bill modifies restitution criteria to include expenses for security measures put in place by a victim in response to a criminal offense.

Status: Passed

This bill enacts provisions related to campus safety plans and training regarding interpersonal violence at institutions of higher education.

Status: Passed

This bill creates requirements for certain examinations on an unconscious or anesthetized patient and amends provisions relating to informed consent for health care procedures. The aim of this bill is to prevent genital and pelvic exams without the clear and informed consent.

Status: Passed

Sexual Violence Legislation in the Media:

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Other Bill trackers:

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*The final legislation that passed may have undergone substantial changes from the first iteration. Please refer to the final bill format for full details of each bill.